About us

We are small, but a mighty family club
ensuring all players get boots on field and
have achieved many firsts over its 30 plus year history.



Bibra Lakes JFC entered the South Fremantle Competition in 1993 and celebrated its 30th Season in 2023. For the first few years the club ran out of demountables, and in 1996 the first club rooms were built at Meller Park.

The club colours and song came from the Inaugural Vice-Presidents love of East Perth, and the Bandicoots name from club members connecting to the Bandicoot found around Bibra Lake Wallibup area.

The club logo has changed 5 times, starting off with a life like Bandicoot image then transforming to a more modernising style that we wear today.

Bibra Lakes JFC is a great family club. We strive to ensure that all players get boots on field. Always a club to bat above its weight, the club has won Champion Club award and Club Off The Year multiple times, as well as runner up in 2023.

The club has been a breeding ground for success since its inception, with multiple players going on to play both AFL and WAFL

Since 1993, some 150 odd volunteers have given their time and energy to the club, players, sport and community.




Our Bandicoot Spirit


Respect is at the core of our values. We respond in a proactive, positive manner to officials and abide by rules and guides. We seek to acknowledge and respond to the needs of others, and we respect the rights of others, on and off the ground. We appreciate and show thanks to those that enable the opportunity that we have, to be involved in community sport.


We treat all those we encounter fairly, including players, officials and spectators. We teach and value teamwork by prioritising the success of the group over that of the individual. We work to encourage each other and admire the qualities and achievements of others. We volunteer and work together to provide players with the best experience and above all have fun!


We value fun, health and player safety. We aspire to be a club with a strong sense of belonging and connection, where our members can form genuine friendships


We value ongoing learning and skill development. We support both players, coaches and volunteers in club roles to have the opportunity to teach others. Our coaches are committed to developing all players regardless of age or ability, and our team participation reflect this.


We uphold the principles of equitable access and inclusion. We value differences in people and aim to improve junior football access for all community members. We champion giving everyone a fair go to be able to participate in community sport.

We commit to promoting a safe, welcoming and respectful culture where everyone feels welcome and accepted regardless of age, gender, ability, socio economic status or cultural, ethnic or religious background. We commit to ensuring our football activities consider the individual needs of participants and are appropriate to the level of development and skill. Where necessary we will make adaptations and modifications to cater for individual needs.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Bibra Lakes Junior Football Club acknowledges the Beeliar Nyungar people of “Walliabup” (Bibra Lake), who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we train, socialise and play the great game of Aussie Rules Football.

We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and endeavour to recognise and honour those with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage in all their involvements with our club.

We acknowledge the rich historical significance of this land for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and are proud to live and play on the land and around the waters of the Walliabup.


Team Song


We are the team to beat

The opposition fear us cause we create the heat

Attack is strong, defence is best

We are the greatest team in the West

The opposition lick their wounds as they get left behind

Did we win?


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