Laws of the Game 2014

The AFL is delighted again in season 2014 to be able to provide the 2014 Laws of Australian Football video.

By being able to view exactly the same material as what the AFL Players, Coaches and Umpires view, you will know first-hand how the umpires are expected to enforce and interpret the laws of Australian Football.

These videos will take you through all the key rules and interpretations of Australian Football, which I have no doubt will provide you with a greater understanding of our game.

Australian Football has changed in so many ways over the last decade or so which has required some modifications to the laws and interpretations to ensure our game continues to be:

  • Safe for all participants
  • A game that can be played by people of varying shapes and sizes
  • Exciting and thrilling to play and watch
  • Played in a spirit of true sportsmanship.

These videos will provide you with an in-depth and up-to-date understanding of how our game is to be officiated.

You can order a copy of the DVD from AFL House by calling +61 3 9643 1999.


2014 Laws of the Game - Forceful contact below the knees
2014 Laws of the Game - Drawing head contact
2014 Laws of the Game - Protected area
2014 Laws of the Game - Marking contests
2014 Laws of the Game - Marking contest free kicks
2014 Laws of the Game - Other free kick areas
2014 Laws of the Game - 50m Penalties
2014 Laws of the Game - Holding the ball
2014 Laws of the Game - Rucks
2014 Laws of the Game - Advantage
2014 Laws of the Game - Deliberately rushed behind
2014 Laws of the Game - Protection of the ball player
2014 Laws of the Game - Holding at stoppages
2014 Laws of the Game - Deliberate out of bounds
2014 Laws of the Game - Zero tolerance to abuse

Spirit of Junior Football in WA

Every participant understands that Junior Football in Western Australia is delivered to the Community with the Spirit of the Game in mind.
It is incumbent on every participant irrespective of their place in the game, to ensure that they will,
Not focus on winning at all cost and understand that the role of Junior Football is to foster the development of Junior Players, Volunteers, Umpires, Coaches and Officials. Learning to win and lose is part of the developmental journey of a participant but must remain secondary to the primary focus of junior player development.
- Maximise the enjoyment and development of junior footballers.
- Provide our children with a game environment that is safe, fun and fair.
- Ensure that the values which add to the spirit of our game, which include fairness, equality, respect and teamwork are encouraged and celebrated.
- Uphold, promote and protect the Rules, Laws, Codes, Policies and Spirit of the game.
- Not accept poor behaviours around our game and deter practices that undermine our games environments (Coaching, Playing, Volunteering, Spectating and Umpiring).
- Adhere to any directive issued by the games controlling bodies in the best interests of achieving the above.

This information forms part of the Global Competition 2011 Bylaws.  If you would like to download entire file please click here.