Club History

Way back in 1993 a group of parents came together to start the formation of the Bibra Lake Junior Football Club.Nearby Lakes Football Club had an abundance of players , so this group along with a push from the South Fremantle district formed our club.Initially it was difficult to get the council to agree to the use of Meller Park, but after numerous attempts they were finally convinced to allow the use of our oval.The club colours were a combination of our inaugural vice-president Derek Greengrass being a passionate East Perth supporter and being the right mix in the association that did not conflict with any other clubs.The Bandicoots name was decided by a competition ran in 1996 , where the players were asked to submit the club nickname.

The first two years of the club saw demountable offices set up in the south-west corner of the oval to act as temporary change rooms.Finally in 1996 our current clubrooms were built.The club has enjoyed many highlights over the seasons.

Champion Club Award  - 1999 , 2000 and 2003
Club Of The Year - 2007
Club Of The Year - 2013

Challenge Shield Winners    - 2005 - Under 9's and Under 10's
                                       - 2009 - Y4's
Inaugural Auskick Players through to Under 17's - James Depane and Tym Adam.